For those patiently awaiting the final installment of Ebola K, it has finally arrived. From Amazon:

Half the population has died. Many countries have disintegrated and societies have collapsed. Still, Ebola kills.

Paul Cooper is imprisoned in an Ebola farm, a place where Ebola survivors are forced to donate antibody-rich plasma that will be used to treat the sick, but corruption is rampant and smugglers are everywhere. Austin Cooper, having escaped from the rebels who’d been holding him for ransom, has been found by Mitch Peterson. Now the pair must trek together across Kenya and Ethiopia toward their separate goals, one to get home, one to finally kill Najid Almasi...
— Ebola K, Book 3 by Bobby Adair

Ebola K has been one of my favorite books to write—it explores what happens when the dreaded Ebola virus takes root in the United States and the rest of the world after a terrorist mastermind plots to weaponize the disease.

Available on all platforms, with production coming in January.



SLOW BURN (A best-selling zombie series)

Looking for the next installment of Slow Burn? Follow the adventures of Zed & Murphy in my favorite episode of the best-selling series, Slow Burn...

The latest version of Slow Burn is Slow Burn: Grind (Book 8).

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Ebola K, Book 3:  December 2015
The Last Survivors, Book 4 (The Last Command): January 2016
The Last Survivors, Book 5 (The Last Refuge): April 2016
Slow Burn 9:  February 2016
Dusty's Diary:  TBD

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The Zombie 222 Electric Mustang

Did you realize that the Zed & Murphy's car in Slow Burn 7... that super fast, super quiet electric 1968 Mustang is REAL?  Check out Mitch Medford and Blood Shed Motors' "Zombie 222!"  Mitch is a real guy with a dream and a really fast car here in Austin, and his story is fascinating!

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