Okay guys, here we go.

Ebola K Book 2 is now live on Amazon! Remember that Ebola K Book 1 is FREE.

  • Amazon: LIVE. Click here to download
  • iPhone/iPad: Purchase through Amazon on computer, will populate Kindle App on iPhone/iPad*
  • Android Devices: Download Kindle App through Google Play Store
  • Nook** (Android on Samsung): Download Kindle App through Google Play Store
  • Kobo eReaders: if Android-based, Download Kindle App through Google Play Store
  • Print/Createspace:  In review. Should go live 2/25.
  • Audible:  Production on the audiobook will begin in April, and should be available in May 2015.

I appreciate your patience, and think you guys are going to LOVE IT.  The book is emotional, gripping, and really pushes the limits. There is stuff in the book that makes me sad...stuff that makes me angry...it's a rollercoaster. For those of you who really enjoyed the post-apocalyptic aspects of my writing in Slow Burn, you'll see more of that in Ebola K 2 as society breaks down and people start trying to make sense of new realities.  

I hope you enjoy it!  Now, back to the writing desk!

– Bobby

* Since Apple sells books through their iBooks App, the Kindle App will not allow readers to download content directly unless you are using the Kindle Unlimited subscription service.
** Ebola K Book 2 is not currently available on the original Nook. If you have questions, please use our contact form.