SLOW BURN: SANCTUM was released in March, and readers are giving it rave reviews.  

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally time for Zed & Murphy to get back to business. But as they work their way back, trouble ensues...

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More information coming about Bobby's new dystopian thriller, Black Rust, is coming soon!


Ebola K, Book 3:  December 2015
The Last Survivors, Book 5 (The Last Refuge): April 2016
Dusty's Diary:  TBD

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The Zombie 222 Electric Mustang

Did you realize that the Zed & Murphy's car in Slow Burn 7... that super fast, super quiet electric 1968 Mustang is REAL?  Check out Mitch Medford and Blood Shed Motors' "Zombie 222!"  Mitch is a real guy with a dream and a really fast car here in Austin, and his story is fascinating!