Black Rust Series

Let somebody else save the world. Christian Black is just trying to stay out of jail. 
Garbage man, exterminator, murderer? Yeah, maybe, but hey, everybody's got to pay the rent, right? It's been 20 years since the Brisbane strain left most of the world too debilitated to tie their own shoes. It wasn't exactly the apocalypse everybody hoped for. Most of the unpleasant responsibilities of being an adult kind of got worse. But with every change comes opportunity, and Christian Black found his opportunity in exterminating debilitated people who just couldn't manage to keep themselves from doing violent things. He got to work outdoors. He got to be his own boss. The government paid a bounty on each head. It was a good gig. At least it was until he accidentally killed a few dozen of the wrong people. Oops. Societies, even when they change, take a dim view of murder. And now Christian Black might have to kill a few more if he wants to stay out of jail. 

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