The Last Survivors Book 1 is now FREE!

Click here to check out The Last Survivors and download for free!

Click here to check out The Last Survivors and download for free!

Share it with your friends! To celebrate the release of The Last Escape, the second installment of The Last Survivors, we've turned TLS1 free for a bit!  If you haven't checked this one out yet, it's a collaboration with fellow zombie author T.W. Piperbrook, set 300 years in the future as mankind has rebuilt society and written all new rules. 

Slow Burn 7 is coming!

Okay, we've heard you loud and clear! Seems like you guys really like Slow Burn. Although it was slated to end and Book 6, I've just had too much fun writing it, and you guys seem to keep reading it.

SLOW BURN: Book 7 is coming soon, and is in production now. Follow the adventures of Zed and Murphy as they form new alliances and work to make the best of a post-apocalyptic world.

Ebola K Audiobook Narrator Selected!

Adam Verner

Adam Verner

This week, we auditioned and selected a narrator for the Ebola K series. The finalists' auditions were all really wonderful, but we had to pick just one.

We'd like to welcome and congratulate Adam Verner! Adam has narrated over 100 books on, and we think you'll really enjoy the upcoming Ebola K trilogy. We love his smooth voice and characterization...we are super excited to be working with him. Click here for more information!  

New Book, Slow Burn 6, New Collaboration!

ebola cover 3d book promo 1.png

Good News, Bad News, Confessions, & Time Lines...

The first book in my new trilogy, Ebola K will be out soon (hopefully within the week). 

Slow Burn 6 is coming. I sincerely thought I could hit mid September but that's not gonna happen. I am working really hard for an end of September release but if its early October, I'll apologize up front.

I'm working on an epic length series collaboration with T.W. Piperbrook. We're shooting for a mid to late October release. It'll be full of post-apocalyptic zombie (sorta) stuff. I'm pretty jazzed about this one. In fact, the 1st draft of book 1 in that series is nearly finished.

I'm releasing Ebola K book 1 first because I'm hoping to get you all of you addicted to the new series before the last book in Slow Burn comes out. 

The first Ebola K book will be FREE, eventually. I have to price it at $0.99 on Amazon and wait for Amazon to price match to FREE. That could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Release Timeline for Ebola K:
1 - Smashwords for free
2 - On the same day, it will show up on Amazon for $0.99
3 - One to four days later it will show up on Kobo and GooglePlay for free
4 - One to ten days later it will show up on Nook and iBooks for free
5 - After all of these things happen, Amazon will price match if enough of us bother them about it. (I'll post directions on how to effectively bother Amazon when we get here. It's a simple 60 second effort)