Slow Burn Box Set/Hello Kittypalooza Holiday Giveaway!

Hey there, kids! It's time for the annual holiday giveaway. And this year's giveaway is going to two lucky readers...each receiving an AUTOGRAPHED SLOW BURN SERIES with Zed's HELLO KITTY BACKPACK! There are absolutely no strings attached. 

Yep, that's books ONE through NINE, all autographed by Bobby Adair.

We'll include a super-cute Hello Kitty mini-backpack similar to the one you see here...unfortunately, it doesn't fit all nine books...we got them when there were only six in the series, so I've been holding on to these HK backpacks for awhile, intending to do a giveaway, so here it goes.

(I also have a few FULL SETS of the print version of Slow Burn, Ebola K, and Black Virus for sale in the Autographed Gifts area of the site that can have a personalized inscription. LIMITED QUANTITIES, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. If ordered by December 16th for USPS Priority Mail delivery within the US, they should arrive by Christmas. If you are outside the US, please send me a message through Facebook so we can give you the estimated shipping.)

Too much time on your hands?
If you love Slow Burn (or my other books, for that matter), and you are sitting around the office during the holidays not really doing anything, writing reviews on Amazon is a great way to pass the time when your boss isn't looking! 

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