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Slow Burn—9 book series

Zed:  Lanky, slacker barista-turned zombie hunter. He's a terrible shot with a gun, which comes up in the book a lot. He's a master with a machete, so his main thing is killing zombies by whacking them. Zed is infected...a "slow burn" zombie. He's rational and can think through issues. After Book 3, he kinda runs around naked a lot to fit in with the more diseased zombies. His love in the book, who is supposedly killed in Book 6, is Steph, a nurse he met at Brackenridge Hospital. At the end of Book 9, the last book, they are reunited in a place called Balmorhea in West Texas. Readers got really choked up over Book 9. Including the guys.

Slow Burn was initially slated to end at Book 6, but readers kept posting memes and demanding more. Bobby wrote three more, and there was a happily ever after feel to the last one. However, people keep asking for more. He may or may not write more, but my guess is there might be a short story or book later. 

Murphy:  African-American dude that Zed met in jail in Austin. Murphy is also infected. Readers LOVE Murphy...he's the one with the sarcasm and smile. The connection between Zed & Murphy is what makes Slow Burn really successful. His sister, Rachel is also in the book. She's a badass.

One thing Murphy says a lot is "heh, heh, heh."